Zweigelt Eiswein HESPERIA

Tasting Notes:
Brilliant pink-orange hue. Intense ripe fruit flavours. Pungent plum, orange zest and lychee, shown in great purity. A sweet entry leads to a firm, full-bodied palate with balanced sweetness. Lengthy, ripe, flavorful finish. Not only the concentration of aromas, but also the amazing balance of sugar and racy acidity meshes in an ethereal package, making this wine elegant and seductive.  
Harvested after an early deep frost on Dec. 9, 2012 when the temperature dropped below -11° C which was at the same time the night of a full moon. Exceptional, fully ripened and totally healthy grapes, naturally frozen on the vine, were hand picked. The pressing was done extremely slow and careful with a 300 years old wood press.
The grapes are pressed immediately after being hand harvested, with each bushel producing only one-tenth of the juice of autumn harvested grapes. It takes every single grape from an entire vine to yield just enough juice to make 1 bottle of ice wine. That is ten times the amount of grapes used to make regular wines. Add the risk of grapes being stolen by hungry birds, or damaged by hail or harsh winter winds, and you can understand why the harvest is so precious and valuable.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Créme brulee, gratin dishes, custards, sabayons, tartes, flans, cheese cake, chocolate desserts, ginger bread Goose liver pate, Blue cheese, Roquefort, Stilton. Savoury dishes with a touch of sweetness such as glazed ham.

Serving temperature: 5-7° C